HEROIN AND FENTANYL: OHIO IN THE DOLDRUMS. Breaking news reports are becoming a staple on television sets in Ohio. Every night, the news is peppered with a report of an overdose. Reminiscent of the crack cocaine epidemic, Ohio seems to be in a vortex of drugs and death.  According to authorities, at some point, it started off with ten overdoses, fluctuating to 15. While it appeared that the menace seemed to be getting nipped in… "HEROIN AND FENTANYL: IS OHIO BEING ATTACKED?"

Outpatient Treatment Program

Outpatient Addiction Treatment Services Intensive Outpatient Program At Bright Futures Treatment Center, we offer an intensive outpatient addiction treatment (IOP) program. Our program consists of a comprehensive approach to addiction treatment. The program is structured to provide therapy during the day or at night for the convenience of our clients, at a time frame of three days per week. An intensive outpatient (IOP) therapy plan helps bridge the gap between the real world and residential treatment… "Outpatient Treatment Program"

Residential Treatment Program

Residential Substance Abuse Treatment The Bright Futures Treatment Center residential treatment for substance abuse is the premier destination to recover safely from substance abuse and alcoholism. Our residential inpatient substance abuse treatment offers a comprehensive approach to healing the disease of addiction by not just treating the symptoms, but getting down to the core issues and underlying causes of the substance abuse. Our residential addiction therapy plan offers a day and night treatment program with an… "Residential Treatment Program"

Drug & Alcohol Detox Services

Drug and Alcohol Detox Centers The first step towards recovery is the detox of drugs and alcohol. At Bright Futures Treatment Center, we assure you of a successful drug and alcohol detox, we are able to achieve this through excellent resources and methods. Our treatment program is designed to meet the unique needs of each individual in our care. Why Bright Futures for Detox? Bright Futures Treatment Center is a long-term substance abuse treatment program designed… "Drug & Alcohol Detox Services"