5 Signs Your Weekend Drinking Could be More of a Problem Than You Realize

Here are 5 Signs Your Weekend Party Should Come To an End.

Bottles. Wine. Booze. Associated with these are the travails of a person who abuses alcohol. There are easily assumed to be lazy. Since they drink from morning to night and are most probably jobless but this is not always true.

If you drink only on weekends, does that mean you don’t have a drinking problem? No! If you drink more than four bottles in two to three hours as a man you can be considered as a Binge drinker and as a woman if you drink more than three bottles in the same time frame.

If you decide to start your weekend with a drink, be it beer, wine or a mixture that you like. A drink leads to another and the next, then it turns into a continuous chain.

Non-stop drinking is harmful to you even if you restrict it to weekends alone. It effects Detox for Alcoholismrange from insomnia, breathing problems to liver problems. Alcohol takes its toll on body in different ways. A rare condition called alcohol poisoning is triggered by drinking so much alcohol is a very short time.

It is most time not clear when people need help especially when the thin line of weekend binge drinking is crossing direct alcoholism. Excessive drinking might not mean alcohol addiction but it is leads to a reliance on the bottles.

Signs of Drinking Too Much on Weekends

Across the states grossly 10% of people above 18 have a disorder from alcoholism.  Nearly a third of the populace can be called excessive drinkers. Hanging out with friends and sharing a few drinks might seem harmless it might end up not as planned with more than a few bottles already drunk. In a company of friends and during a weekend when work is minimal, drinks might just continue to roll.

Do you have a clue as to when drinking becomes too much? Well I have put together five important indicators when drinking during the weekends becomes harmful

Finding it difficult to stop drinking after one or two beverages.

Going out on a Saturday to have a drink, just one, might seem like a good idea, until you realize you can’t stop at just one bottle. You continue with the second and possibly third or raven a lot more than that. Sometimes weekend drinks in itself might be beyond management and that is the best time to quit even if it is just temporarily. You might just need it even if it is for a while, just to get some clarity.

Using alcohol as a reward

People usually drink to celebrate a landmark. Most times people try to find reasons to satisfy their drinking lust. Reasons might include finishing an important project, finishing the week, which is the most common reason for drinking during weekends. Instead of Drinking alcohol why not find other means to give yourself some credit you deserve. A nice meal, a ticket to an event like a football match or a movie are better options to alcohol.

Feeling guilty after drinking too much.

Hangovers sometimes might be beyond the physical manifestations, it might be emotional at times. Many people feel bad after a heavy night of alcohol the previous night. In fact the emotional hangover which is dubbed “Moral Hangover” is an bad feeling of both disappointment and embarrassment after a night of heavy drinking that won’t just go away. You can stop this ridiculous feeling by sticking to alcohol-free drinks.

Behaving differently from when you’re sober.

Alcohol pushes out different reaction. A normal person might tend to be emotional or act in ways that put him or those around him in danger. Heavy drinking even when limited to weekends alone can lead to people saying things they might have not said were they are in their normal senses. A good example is the fact that a sober person would be against drinking and driving, meanwhile when you are drunk it seems all normal.

Becoming aggressive or violent when drinking.

Violence and aggression have been linked to alcoholism according to many researches. Alcohol has been known to increase response to some specific situations. An example is the fact that, while sober you might not make a comment about a negative remark made towards you but when drunk, you then to over react and make trouble out of the situation. Try not to know what you can handle in terms of alcohol it is not worth the try.

Is it Worth the Risk?

If you only get drunk on few occasions it is hard to see a problem with it. As far as alcoholism is concerned, even weekend excessive drinking is a big problem. The problems associated with alcoholism even when restricted to weekends alone includes deterioration of health, it also damages relationships, career and you go Las as a person.

Why take the risk when drink can get out of hand quickly even when it is limited to weekends.

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