How to cope with alcoholic parents: Alcoholism has become a nightmare that besets every nook and cranny of the society and parents are not left out in these demeaning behaviors. However, there are ways we can cope if we are living with parents who are alcoholics and that is exactly this article will talk about.

Helpful suggestions on how to cope with alcoholic parents

Be informed. Being aware of how your parent’s drinking affects you can help put things in perspective. For example, some teens that live with alcoholic adults become afraid to speak out or show any normal anger or emotion because they worry it may trigger a parent’s drinking. Remind yourself that you are not responsible for your parent drinking too much and that you cannot cause it or stop it.

Be aware of your emotions. When you feel things like anger or resentment, try to identify those feelings. Talk to a close friend or write down how you are feeling. Recognizing how a parent’s problem drinking makes you feel can help you from burying your feelings and pretending that everything’s OK.

Learn healthy coping strategies. When we grow up around people who turn to alcohol or other unhealthy ways of dealing with problems, they become our example. Watching new role models can help people learn healthy coping mechanisms and ways of making good decisions.

Coaches, aunts, uncles, parents of friends, or teachers all have to deal with things like frustration or disappointment. Watch how they do it. School counselors can be a great resource here. Next time you have a problem, ask someone you trust for help.

Find support. It’s good to share your feelings with a friend, but it’s equally important to talk to an adult you trust. A school counselor, favorite teacher, or coach may be able to help. Some teens turn to their school D.A.R.E. (Drug and Alcohol Resistance Education) officer. Others prefer to talk to a family member or parents of a close friend.

Because alcoholism is such a widespread problem, several organizations offer confidential support groups and meetings for people living with alcoholics. Bright futures Treatment center is a group specifically geared to young people living with adults who have drinking problems. Bright futures Treatment center can also help teens whose parents may already be in treatment or recovery.

Find a safe environment. Do you find yourself avoiding your house as much as possible? Are you thinking about running away? If you feel that the situation at home is becoming dangerous, you can call the National Domestic Violence. And don’t hesitate to dial 911 if you think you or another family member is in immediate danger.

Stop the cycle and learn how to cope with alcoholic parents. 

Teenage children of alcoholics are at higher risk of becoming alcoholics themselves. Scientists think this is because of genetics and the environment that kids grow up in. For example, people might learn to drink as a way to avoid fear, boredom, anxiety, sadness, or other unpleasant feelings. Understanding that there could be a problem and finding adults and peers to help you can be the most important thing you do to reduce the risk of problem drinking.

Alcoholism is a disease. You can show your love and support, but you won’t be able to stop someone from drinking. Talking about the problem, finding support, and choosing healthy ways to cope are choices you can make to feel more in control of the situation. Above all, don’t give up!



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