Chelsea O’Donnell: The unfortunate truth about overdose

The Unfortunate Truth about the Chelsea O’Donnell Overdose

Drug addiction is an ever-present problem that dangles over Hollywood since it was accepted that the ‘rock-n-roll’ lifestyle was detrimental to most artists. From the likes of Amy Winehouse to Michael Jackson, drugs, and their abuse has been a shadow that has loomed over Tinsel Town for the longest time. More recently, it was discovered that Bobby Kristina Brown, the daughter to songbird, Whitney Houston was also a victim of the drug menace.

To that end, Chelsea O’Donnell is in the news again. Chelsea, Rosie O’Donnell’s teenage daughter, has been plagued by the ravages of drug use for a while, bringing to the fore, questions about the mother-daughter relationship.

On the night of 5th September, Chelsea was admitted into a Long Island health facility after she suffered an overdose from what is suspected to be heroin. At the time, it also emerged that Chelsea’s mother didn’t immediately rush to see her daughter. In what would seem as another act of rebellion perhaps stemming from a complicated relationship between Rosie and her daughter, Chelsea took to drugs in an incident that sparks up uncomfortable memories for the comedy star.

Strained relations from addiction

In August last year, Chelsea O’Donnell when she ran from home only to be found later with a man she met on the popular dating app, Tinder. Going by the online site, this man by the name Steven M. Sheerer was of particular interest as it arose that the man was a drug dealer. This incident sparked a no holds barred war of words between the two. In a tell-all interview, the teenager intimated that her mother had no time to talk to her and that she was kicked out of the New York home.

The Shocking Rebuttal…

In a shocking rebuttal, Rosie said that these issues were a manifestation of Chelsea’s mental health and medication non-adherence. Admittedly, Rosie claimed that the claim of an unsound mind was a low blow even by Rosie’s standards. The verbal wars escalated to the point of Chelsea accusing her adoptive mother of being a different person in private than what she presents herself to be in public- quite a harsh thing to hear from a person you took under your wing.

Rosie O’Donnell daughter’s battle with drugs and possible mental issues may make her to think about advancing a cause focusing on overdose awareness. Chelsea O'Donnell overdose raising question about wether her mother rosie odonnell will start doing fun raiser for overdose awareness

Addiction effects everyone even celebrities and their children

Heroin has been known to affect the fetuses of pregnant mothers. However, it was only until the later teenage years that Chelsea took to the habit of allegedly using the same drug her birth mother was on during pregnancy.

Chelsea’s recent hospitalization brings up bitter images of a commonality in Hollywood among stars, children, and adults alike, celebrity addiction. Perhaps plagues by the stresses of being a child of a comedy megastar-oh my god, the burden- Chelsea sought an alternative that would numb the pain of having to deal with constant trips and a great life.

The Hollywood Connection to Addiction and the Party Lifestyle

In that one Nickelback song that made you think their music was relatable, the band brings out a problem that to the common folk, looks like the life. The drugs come easy for celebrities or their immediate families. Characters like Steven seem to be getting mileage from the fact that he might have contributed to young Chelsea’s drug use. In a town where masking your pain in a cloud of smoke and lines of powder seems to be the norm, celebrity addiction has on most occasions been dismissed with a wave of the hand. The thousands of adoring fans that claim to love these celebrities turn their back on them with an assumption that being a celebrity comes with its fair share of drug abuse.

In reality, as much as they have millions of people looking up to them, these celebrities battle a myriad of issues. A lack of avenues to express themselves seems a lot of the affected celebrities take to potent drugs like heroin that promise to make them forget. Of course with such drugs, dependency sets in, leading the users down a rabbit hole filled with syringes, media coverage and visits in and out of rehab.

For parents like Rosie O’Donnell, seeing a child get into the habit of hard drugs can be unnerving. It is made even worse when both of you are having a relationship under scrutiny by media outlets.

Reaching out for help

Rosie O’Donnell is no stranger to worthy causes. Her daughter’s battle with drugs and possible mental issues may pave an avenue for her to think about advancing a cause focusing on overdose awareness. With so many people affected already, such a cause would have a face that’s easy to relate to and could be a great help to big stars struggling against drug addiction.

Overdose Awareness on its own might not solve the problem, but it could serve as a starting point to let people know about the potential dangers associated with drugs most commonly used by celebrities. According to, Chelsea was fairing just fine after the incident.

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