Are You Addicted to Kratom? Kratom Addiction Rates are Getting Higher

What is Kratom and how is it Used?

Kratom has been around in the United States for quite a while, but has been used for centuries elsewhere.  Kratom could fall under the coffee category and is typically sold in the U.S. at local Kava Bars at Kratomic Tea. Many people prefer to ingest it as opposed to smoke it although you can do both.  Kratom is readily available and legal in the America, although there are talks about shutting it down and making it illegal.

Kratom is very popular among youth ages 12 and up. Many people looking for recovery from heroin addiction use it to combat the withdrawal effects of opiates. However, there are tons of side effects of using Kratom and were going to get into that in just a bit. Kratom is a replacement for opiates and can be used for long periods without the repercussions of withdrawal. Once taken for long periods of time people experience withdrawal side effects and can’t get into treatment for Kratom addiction most detoxes won’t accept them as patients.

What are the effects of Kratom?

Many people use the root extract as a sedative for a calming high or euphoria. If taken in low doses it doesn’t do much except make the person more talkative and sociable. If taken in higher doses it will last longer, it comes with many undesirable side effects.

Some of these side effects include:

  • Depression of the respiratory area and shallow breathing
  • Seeing things or delusional thinking
  • Psychotic Episodes and Hallucinations
  • Extreme combative behavior
  • Very bad paranoia
  • Feeling nauseous and vomiting

Kratom Addiction and its Withdrawal Side Effects

Kratom is like any other mind or mood altering drug; it can become addictive. Once someone is ingesting kratom compulsively they may suffer from withdrawal if stopped.

Some of the long term effects of kratom addiction can include:kratom is very popular for people in recovery, but can you have a kratom addiction? in this picture you see a man on kratom resting at the park

  • A lack of sexual desire
  • Constant cravings for the drug and make people use it more aggressively
  • The skin and the face can become darker almost like a jaundiced colored skin
  • Extreme weight loss is very common amongst its users due to decrease in appetite.

Some of the side effects of Kratom Withdrawal include:

  • Extreme muscle pain
  • Severe Irritability, sleeplessness and restlessness
  • Panic Attacks and manic episodes
  • Really bad depression
  • Unwarranted Mood Swings
  • Cold Sweats
  • A really sour stomach
  • Loss of appetite

Kratom if used properly may not be that big of an issue?

In a country plagued with heroin overdoses on a daily basis and heroin addiction becoming more common, Kratom may not be that bad in comparison. However, many people find the same trouble they did trying to get off of heroin or opiate pain killers when withdrawing from Kratom.

Kratom is highly addictive, but is commonly used in the recovery community to combat opiate withdrawal side effects. Additionally I might add that the side effects from using kratom are similar to opiate withdrawal, but who’s thinking correctly when you’re an addict anyway.

Getting Help for Kratom Addiction

Many people want to get off kratom, but can’t. They are too sensitive to the withdrawal effects and won’t risk feeling any to come off the extract. It’s quite common for a person seeking detox for kratom to take opiate painkillers once again to have the ability to enter into a detox for the withdrawal symptoms.

If you are looking to get off Kratom there is help for you. Call the number below and we will guide you to Bright Futures of Palm Beach.

withdrawal syptoms from kratom may vary if you have a kratom addiction

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  1. Kratom is still unbelievably addictive, and for somebody who has a proclivity for inebriation, it can be a genuine risk. I really didn’t have excessively numerous drug and liquor issues until I began taking kratom. What’s more, taking… also, taking. 3 evenings a week got to be 6 inside 2 years. Presently I experience withdrawals on the evenings I don’t take it

  2. I would say that Kratom alkaloid withdrawals are somewhat more awful than caffeine with the most noticeably awful piece of it being side effects that are like fretful leg disorder, for the most part when you’re attempting to rest.

  3. Much obliged to you for a reasonable review of kratom. I am a 49 year-old lady who utilizes it to oversee extreme fretful leg disorder. I don’t recognize what I’ll do in the event that it is made illicit. It’s given me my life back.

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