What is L.S.D

What is LSD and is it Addictive?

A synthetic crystalline substance, lysergic acid diethylamide, which is a powerful hallucinogenic drug.

LSD is among the most mood-changing, potent chemicals. It is produced from lysergic acid, which is found in the ergot disease that grows on rye and other grains.

It’s produced in crystal form in illicit laboratories, mostly in the United States. These crystals are converted to a liquid for distribution. It’s colorless, odorless, and has a somewhat bitter taste.

Known as acid and by many other names, LSD is sold in the street in small tablets microdots, capsules or gelatin squares window panes. It can be added to absorbent paper, which will what is LSD and is it addictivebe separated into small squares decorated with designs or cartoon characters loony tons. Sometimes it’s available in liquid form. But regardless of what form it comes down in, LSD leads the user to the same place a serious disconnection from reality.

LSD users call an LSD experience a trip, typically lasting twelve hours or more. When things go wrong, which often happens, it is called a bad trip, another name for a living hell.

At times Called:    acid, sugar cubes, white lightning, dose, tripping, blotter

Precisely how it’s used:    LSD is on paper that is licked or swallowed. Liquids and capsules are always swallowed.

Exactly what it does to you:

When you use LSD, your senses of space, distance, and time become altered. Individuals say they hear colors or see sounds, but effects are unpredictable.

When you go on an acid trip, you cannot get off until the drug’s carried out with you within twelve hours! Strange feelings and also strong thoughts are typical. LSD could cause bad trips users experience panic, sadness, confusion, and frightening images.

Bad responses can occur even because of the first an user and use could have flashbacks, where a user experiences the feelings of a bad trip even following the drug wears off.

LSD affects behavior and judgment could get out of manage. The user can find him and / or her in a dangerous situation.

Physical changes include dilated pupils, increased heart rate and blood pressure, shaking, trembling and sweating, sleeplessness, and lack of appetite.

Is LSD addictive and Would I need treatment?

LSD can be habit forming although there are no reports of withdrawal symptoms. You can experience what is called an “Acid Flashback” up until 10-20 years after your last dose. However, if a person takes LSD continuously they may require an inpatient dual diagnosis treatment center or a psychiatric ward. There have been many statements issuing pros and cons to taking LSD, but ultimately its definitely bad for you. Many who take LSD may have what’s known as a bad trip which will cause major issues like suicide or death during their trip.

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