Marijuana Addiction – True or False?

Marijuana Addiction Are You Addicted to Weed?

Some people believe that marijuana is not addictive while others believe on the opposite. The truth is that it depends on you. If it’s true that marijuana is stated to be less addictive than tobacco, for example, it’s as easy to find a person who didn’t develop any marijuana addiction symptoms as one that needs more marijuana to get the same high.

Most people tend to establish a clear difference between marijuana and other drugs like heroin. They suggest that the marijuana addiction is just psychological, while the heroin addiction is a physical addiction. The main thought behind this is that while when you’re addicted to heroin, the withdrawal will lead to severe symptoms like vomiting and shaking, when you’re addicted to marijuana, the symptoms are not so severe. Plus, people to defend this theory also suggest that there’s no life threat with marijuana withdrawal.

Despite many people agree with the above, the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) says that if there’s any withdrawal symptom, either lighter or more severe, this is due to a physical addiction.

When you find yourself in a position where you need marijuana in your daily life, either at work, with friends and family, this means you’re dependent on it to properly function. This means that you developed a high tolerance to marijuana and that you need more to have the same effect.

In case you’re unsure whether you’re addicted to marijuana or not, or a family member or a friend, you need to know what symptoms you need to look for. If you, your family member or friend experiences 2 or more of the symptoms below, with a 1-year period, it may suggest a marijuana addiction:

  • spending a lot of time trying to get marijuana;marijuana can be physically additive and can cause serious health problems
  • using larger marijuana amounts over a longer period;
  • You notice that you’re different in your relationship with others when you’re using it;
  • although you notice any physical or psychological effect, you keep using it;
  • want to stop using marijuana but you just can’t stop;
  • take marijuana to avoid or to relieve withdrawal symptoms;
  • just can’t meet your obligations either at home, school or work if you’re not using marijuana;
  • have severe cravings and a great desire to use it;
  • developed a tolerance to marijuana: either you need more to get the same high or you notice you don’t have the same effect when you use the same amount.

How many people are addicted to Marijuana?

If you’re a regular user of marijuana, if you feel you need it for your daily life, but you want to stop using it, you need to know there’s a withdrawal phase. Usually, the first symptoms will appear within the first 24 hours after quitting and last, on average, around one to two weeks. During this period, you should have some sleep difficulty, anxiety, irritability, less appetite, and depression.

According to several studies, only 9% of adults become addicted to marijuana, When you begin using marijuana as a teen, this percentage increases to 17%.

Marijuana Addiction – Risks & Effects You Might Suffer

Despite marijuana is one of the least addictive drugs, it can still be addictive. Around 9% of people who use marijuana end up with an addiction.

Here are the risks and effects you might suffer when you have marijuana addiction:

#1: Risks of Using Marijuana

In recent years, we have been seeing an increasing of the THC or tetrahydrocannabinol ( the chemical responsible for most of marijuana’s psychological effects) in marijuana. If the percentage used to be between 1 and 4%, it’s now over 7%. Most experts are worried about this trend because it’s directly related to the probability of being addicted to marijuana.

One of the risks of using marijuana, even in the states where it is legal to buy, is that there’s no precise information regarding the THC percentage. So, no one can know the effects they might suffer.

If you use marijuana, you can also expect to be more susceptible to certain health problems like diabetes, low blood pressure, and even liver disease. And if you’re a man, it can lower your sperm quality and count, as well as your testosterone levels. This may lead to fertility and libido problems.

Although there is no study proving that marijuana can cause mental health problems like suicidal thoughts, anxiety, schizophrenia, short-term psychosis, and depression, there’s definitely a link between mental health problems and marijuana use. So, even though marijuana may not be responsible for causing them, it may make them worse.


#2: Effects of Using Marijuana

Using marijuana every day will definitely result in health problems, either physical as well as mental.

The first effect you get when you’re addicted to marijuana is that you’ll most probably use it all the time, on a daily basis. So, it may interfere with your work, school, and even with your relationship with others. Several studies demonstrate that the regular use of marijuana will lead to bad memory and learn capabilities.

When you smoke marijuana, the THC is carried to the brain, and the chemical acts in just some parts of it – the cannabinoid receptors. The parts of your brain that have more cannabinoid receptors, giving the high sensation marijuana users look for, are the ones that regulate memory, concentration, pleasure, time and sensory perception, thoughts, and coordinated movement.

When a long-term marijuana user wants to quit, he will suffer from the withdrawal. Although the symptoms are not as bad as if he was addicted to heroin, they can be hard to deal with. You may experience sleeplessness, anxiety, irritability, drug craving, and decreased appetite.

The longer you are addicted to marijuana, the more effects you may suffer and the more risks you incur. One of the things that lead most people to try and use marijuana is the fact that they don’t see it as an addictive drug. The fact is that it’s a drug and can be addictive.


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