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Methadone is a synthetic opioid prescribed for chronic acute pain or for the detoxification process for heroin or prescription opioid addicts. Methadose is most commonly sold by the brand name Dolphine, Symoron, Amidone, Methadose, Physeptone, and Heptadon. Methadone or Methadone can be taken orally, intravenous, sublingual and through the rectum. Methadose is more known for what’s called,” Methadone Maintenance Therapy”. Methadose maintenance has been becoming more and more common over the last 30 years. While the heroin pandemic is in full swing it’s becoming more and more common for intensive outpatient drug and alcohol programs have been using methadone therapy as a tool for long term heroin addicts to sustain the cravings and physical withdrawal symptoms.

It’s very common in the north east for people to use methadose as a maintenance plan for opiate addiction. Many of the IOP’s or Clinics are becoming more common as this heroin frenzy has no end in site. There is a whole lot that can be discussed on the topic of methadone maintenance. Many praise it and its accomplishments and others sway towards the 12 step immersion abstinence based treatment . I will attempt to explain more about methadone maintenance and the protocol for withdrawal that follows suit when you’re trying to come off of the methadone for good. The last tally on overdose deaths from methadone in the United States according to wiki was 4,418 in 2011, approximately 26% of total deaths from opioid poisoning in the same year.

What is “Methadone Maintenance” and how does it work?

Methadone maintenance therapy also known as M.M.T. was developed for the treatment opiate addiction, according to the DSM 5. Methadone maintenance therapy is prescribed for opiate addicts that have not been able to sustain abstinence from heroin or other opiates. A methadone maintenance programs time length can range from a few months to the rest of there lives. I personally believe that a lifetime is to long to be dependent on any form of maintenance for opiate addiction. Furthermore, some sort of moral psychology, emotional therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy CBT may be needed. This brings me to my next topic.

Intensive Outpatient Behavioral Health Methadone Maintenance Programs

Many inpatient substance abuse treatment programs have been opening up around the country offering Methadose as their form of outpatient detox. Methadone or Suboxone is usually offered at these locations as forms of maintenance while treating their underlying issues with counseling. Additionally, many who complete these IOP programs remain on the Methadone or Methadose for long length of time. This method has been known for causing a methadone addiction. Many programs for methadone maintenance prescribe benzodiazapines along with the methadose and this creates an even worse problem for addiction.

On the good side of this kind of therapy it does promote the prevention of disease through IV drug use. Many heroin addicts put themselves at a high risk if hepatitis and HIV. Methadone maintenance therapy has been know to prevent the transmission of diseases through sharing I.V. needles. Lastly, kind of therapy this kind of therapy has been developed to sustain cravings, and promote abstinence from illicit opioid usage.

Opioid Detoxification using Methadone

Usage of methadone had been approved for the detox treatment of heroin and pain killer addiction, but it’s governed by certain regulations. According to sources any treatment program administering methadone must be certified by SAMHSA and registered with the DEA. It’s important to note that methadone detox comes with it’s own withdrawal symptoms. Many say that Suboxone or Subutex detox is better, but if taken too long can create withdrawal symptoms too.

Some of the withdrawal symptoms of Methadone after methadose therapy:

  • Cold Chills
  • Profusely Sweating with cold chills
  • Feeling Feverish
  • Dilated Pupils
  • Feeling Lightheaded
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Nausia Diarrea and Vomiting
  • Extreme Joint Pain
  • Aggressive Sneezing
  • RLS Restless Leg Syndrome
  • The feeling of ants crawling on your skin
  • Severe Aches and Pains
  • Runny nose
  • Loss of Sleep
  • Loss of Appetite
a woman sick from methadone and suffering from methadone addiction from being on methadose therapy for a long period of time
a woman sick from methadone and suffering from methadone addiction from being on methadose therapy for a long period of time

How much does methadone maintenance treatment cost?

Treatment Centers in the United States that specialize in methadone maintenance could charge anywhere between $5.00 and $600.00 a week. In many cases this type of treatment may be covered by medicaid health insurance.

Medication Purchased Over-the-Counter

Generic methadone isn’t that expensive whereas the prices range from $0.25 to $2.50 per daily dose. Brand name tablets like many others will be considerably more expensive.


Methadone and the controversy surrounding it…

Although methadone has helped a lot of people further their fight against opiate addiction, it has been known for the development of methadone addiction. Many people users and the medical fraternity will back it and many say it’s just heroin addiction control. Although Bright Futures Treatment Center is an abstinence based twelve step recovery program for men we do not wish to sway to either side. We feel the important thing is that you’re getting help for addiction to heroin or pain killers is the first step. However, the detox from methadone can be excruciatingly painful and we can help you with those ailments. Call us for advice or to find treatment so you can feel happy again.

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The people over at really hit the nail on the head with this info graphic display of the dangers of methadone addiction. 

methadone can be dangerous and possibly fatal if too much is taken or used in conjunction to other illicit drugs.
This illustration was found on giving you a better understanding of the dangers of methadone.


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