Can you die from detoxing from drugs?

Can you die from detoxing from drugs and alcohol?

Can you die from detoxing from drug and alcohol? This is a question that rings in the minds of many people that are addicted to drugs and alcohol. The answers to this question may vary by drug type and the amount used. If you’re alcoholic it is possible to have seizures while detoxing from alcohol. Alcoholic seizures can be horrendous to go through and you should seek a medical alcohol detox.

Can you die detoxing from prescription drugs?

Many who suffer from prescription drug addiction have extremely length detox timelines. Prescription drug addiction accounts for about 12% of the country. However, you don’t have to be fearful of death from all of the prescription drugs that require a detox. The biggest issues with detox from prescription medications can you die from detoxing from drugs and alcohollike opiate pain killers, benzodiazepines like Xanax and others like it. Prescription painkiller detox can’t really kill you although the detox timeline can be excruciatingly uncomfortable.

Xanax withdrawal is the most dangerous and many residential treatment centers won’t take you if you’re a long term user. Xanax withdrawal can cause seizures just like alcoholic seizures.  This can happen from 1 week to 2 months after use. When someone seizes out they run the risk of choking to death, or hemorrhaging depending on how sever the seizure.

Can you die detoxing from heroin?

There’s a bigger chance of death overdosing from heroin than dying from the withdrawal. Very similar to opiate pain pills the detox is painfully excruciating. Many who’re addicted to heroin find they cannot overcome the withdrawal symptoms. They eventually find themselves turning back to the heroin to relieve their dope sickness.

Can you die detoxing from alcohol?

People have been dying from alcoholic detox for centuries due to alcoholic seizures. The effect alcohol has on the brain is extremely powerful. Many find themselves shaking uncontrollably and the only way to stop is drinking more.  Back in the old days they would call the detox from alcohol delirium tremens. However, very similar to what I said before, it’s more dangerous to stay drinking due to liver and brain complications than to detox fully.

Summary: Can you die from detoxing from drugs and alcohol?

There’s a good possibility you can die detoxing from drugs and alcohol. However, there’s a better chance you can die using them.  The biggest fact you have to face if you’re worried about dying from detoxing is you may need to seek medical assistance in detoxing from drugs.  Bright Futures Treatment Center offers a solution for long term recovery from drugs and alcohol. Drug detox for drugs and alcohol is just a beginning of a solution to the root issues that cause addiction and alcoholism.

Can you die from detoxing from drugs? Maybe.

Can you die from detoxing from alcohol? Maybe.

Can you die from continuing to use drugs and alcohol? Most definitely.


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  1. Detox can bring about death. Liquor is conceivably more lethal than the vast majority acknowledge and more individuals have liquor related issues which makes it so risky. Detox frightens away such a large number of individuals since it can be excruciating and they more often than not quit attempting while doing it at home. The most secure and most agreeable approach to detox is constantly under the care of a specialist. Great post!

  2. Just reflecting on this and from educations, the main two substances that have a demonstrated record of constantly murdering somebody without any weaning period” stopping are Alcohol and Xanax (specific benzodiazepines).

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