Budget Cuts Continue To Affect Substance Abuse Programs

Budget cuts are affecting substance abuse programs across the nation. At Bright Futures Treatment Center, our doors stay open for all men seeking recovery. The importance of raising awareness about the prevalence of men’s drug addiction, especially with a heroin epidemic sweeping the nation, cannot be understated. Overdoses are on the rise as prescription pain pills and high purity heroin slowly creep their way into middle-class suburban neighborhoods. Many police forces now carry Narcan, and opioid overdose reversal medication, to treat addicts that are on the verge of death.


example of what substance abuse budget cuts did to a man
Don’t continue the misery of active addiction. Seek professional help immediately.

We’ve learned from WJTV.com that the state of Mississippi has been especially hit hard by budget cuts across the board for addicts and alcoholics seeking genuine help. A large rehabilitation program offered by the state has been shut down as a result of this lack of funds, and private rehabilitation programs such as Bright Futures Treatment Center must continue to be available as options for individuals with health insurance plans. This is not just a problem in Mississippi, but especially the Northeast where New Hampshire has some of the highest opioid overdose rates in the nation. Our men’s recovery program is available for anyone nationwide that is willing to put forth the effort in our integrated and comprehensive treatment approach.


Bright Futures Treatment Center utilizes a combination of holistic and traditional therapy techniques that are personalized to fit the needs of each individual. Our holistic therapy options include:

  • Guided meditation
  • Massage therapy
  • Chiropractic care
  • Nutrition and exercise
  • Music therapy

We are a leader in balancing the approach to men’s substance abuse with all natural methods along with conventional treatment. Some of the more well known and evidence-based addiction techniques we employ in our treatment plans include:

  • Group therapy sessions
  • Individual counseling
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy


State budget cuts do not affect private rehabilitation programs and our mission is to never turn away from an addict or alcoholic seeking help no matter the circumstance. We have a vast network of affiliates and have built relationships over the years where your prioritized placement in a treatment program for you to recover is our number one priority. While millions of dollars are cut in state-funded addiction programs across many states by politicians that do not understand the disease of addiction, we have made the treatment of men’s substance abuse a science that is effective and promotes the inner healing of the addicted individual. The key is to get to the root causes of a man’s addiction so that we understand why that person is using in the first place. Whether it is because of past trauma, to numb emotions, or just the rush of euphoria, we will understand, diagnose, and treat the condition for a successful recovery. If you are interested in more information on our men’s addiction programs, feel free to contact our 24/7 sober support hotline. We have addiction specialists standing by for the phone call that can help you reinvent yourself and become a productive member of society once again.


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