New Jersey’s Leading Healthcare Crisis is the Skyrocketing Use of Heroin

The Skyrocketing use of Heroin is New Jersey’s Leading Healthcare Crisis 

2012 has seen a reckoning in the way of admissions to state certified substance abuse rehab programs in New Jersey. Prescription Drug Abuse was the leading cause of admissions that year. The

heroin detox admissions in New Jersey Skyrocket over the course of 5 years
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admission to drug treatment that year was up by a large percentage.  Almost 60% of 2012’s drug related deaths were due to opiate pain killers and heroin overdose. This leaves many New Jersey residents in worry as we approach 2017.

2015-2016 The numbers of heroin overdoses have increased dramatically in the state and all across the country. New Jersey is taking the bull by the horns by pushing for reform, but they are unsure if it will gain any traction. In fact it hasn’t it was published in 2014…

The Governor’s Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse posted a report in 2014 that called form reform to law and a strategy in aim to combat the heroin crisis. A lot of action has been taken to put the above report into application, but much of it has fallen on deaf ears.

New Jersey Sees Some Light at the end of the Overdose Tunnel?

According to New Jersey will receive a $1.3 million grant to target the heroin trade and illegal prescription drug activity by law enforcement. However, it doesn’t say much about how the state is going to help those already addicted to heroin or opiate painkillers. According to their report an arrest comes with an offer to go to a detox for heroin or the obvious jail time.

I’m not sure if I agree with this, but at least they’re being proactive towards the issue in some way. Long term heroin addiction has an effect on the mind so strong that 5 days won’t cut it in my opinion. However anything is worth a try at this point.

The #FACTS about Heroin Overdoses by the Numbers

According to the CDC Centers for Disease Control and Prevention the United States saw an estimated 47,055 drug overdose deaths occurred in 2014. Approximately, 75% of those deaths were contributed to heroin and opiate prescription pain killers.

It’s my opinion that much of America is not educated about new insurance legislation made by the affordable healthcare act. In my experience going to drug and alcohol treatment in New Jersey, once I was released I still had to face the same people, places and things.  I knew exactly who to talk to and where to go to get what I wanted. It wasn’t until given the opportunity to go to a new area where everyone was recovering from similar issues that I was willing to follow suit. However, that’s not everyone’s experience; the fact is once the pain gets great enough they will change if they live that long.

This epidemic shows no signs of stopping; so addicts and parent’s alike need to get educated on how to find proper treatment for their loved one.  The biggest issue with some of the legislation in New Jersey from my research is the Substance Abuse Guidelines written by Insurance Company’s like Medicare and Medicaid. They were written back in the 90’s and haven’t been updated since.  The main focus of treatment is for alcoholism and not drugs within their guidelines. The majority of addicts that approach Bright Futures of Palm Beach looking for treatment in New Jersey say there’s no beds available in NJ’s Treatment centers. The #FACT is the turn and burn ratio of treatment centers is too high! How can you offer quality substance abuse treatment if you have lines out the door. You can’t, it’s that simple…

The Power of Education and Education

I kind of feel like a penny waiting for change in saying this, but open enrollment’s coming soon. It’s important to get your loved ones insurance on the open exchange. Get educated on the type of new jersey drug and alcohol addiction treatment rates are skyrocketing and so is the overdose rate along with itinsurance to get. There are vast differences between EPO Insurance, HMO Insurance and PPO Insurance. EPO and HMO Insurance will cover you locally, but PPO will cover you anywhere out-of-network.

Educate your children and shed a tear when telling them. Present the image in your mind that your small child might one day grow up to be an addict themselves. Tell them that you love and care about them and never want to see them use drugs. Explain how bad drugs are and that they are killing people everywhere.

I will leave you with this…

Keeping them Sheltered doesn’t work. Ignorance to the issue doesn’t work. Denial doesn’t work. Love them unconditionally and they will respect your communication through education of the dangers of drugs.

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  2. Heroin overdose has turned into a scourge in the nation. A large number of individuals bite the dust each year in light of this. We have to chip away at different medicines strategies for agony administration rather than sedatives.

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