Do you know about having fun in recovery?

What are some fun things to do in South Florida when you’re in recovery?

The South Florida recovery scene rocks if you’re really rocking it. I mean let’s get real here; most treatment centers in South Florida don’t really have much to offer in the way of fun in recovery. Most halfway houses in South Florida don’t really offer fun activities to do either.

So before you lose all hope in the treatment industry in South Florida, Bright Futures of Palm Beach is going to go over some of the activities we partake in with our clients and alumni. It’s important that a drug and alcohol treatment center introduce their clients to fun activities in recovery. Many people who leave their state for another shot at life don’t know what real fun is like. The best part about having fun in recovery is getting to remember it the next day.

Fun in Recovery South Florida

Let’s just assume for a minute you’re in the Delray Beach area living in a halfway house bored to tears. I promise there is still hope without getting yourself into a rehab romance and flooding Atlantic Ave. with your boys. Believe it or not, there are some things that you can do that are fun in recovery and exciting. We will provide you some suggestions for different geographic locations.

What are some things to do that are fun in recovery within Palm Beach County?

if you're looking for fun in recovery groupon make it affordable to go out with your friends in the recovery community and have a blast


First I would have to suggest getting an App called Groupon

There are tons of recovery friendly restaurants that have been accommodating to the recovery crowd in Delray Beach for a while now.

First we’ll discuss some great places to eat in Delray that are welcoming to the recovery community.



  1. Mellow Mushroom has been #awesome to the recovery community in Delray Beach and they have some great pizza. Mellow mushroom also has many other things on the menu if you’re hungry.
  2. Pizza Rustica on A1A in Delray is a great place to eat. People in the Delray Recovery Community have been patrons of this lovely establishment for a long time.
  3. Rocco’s Tacos is an excellent place to eat, but reserve seating because they are always packed. Taco Tuesday’s are the “Bomb Diggity” Strait #awesomeness in a taco shell.

What are some #fun sober activities when you’re in the Palm Beach area?

  1. Boomers is an awesome place to go to when you’re looking for some fun and entertaining things to do. Boomers offers many different games, rock climbing, bumper cars, Go Karts and much more.
  2. Rapids Water Park is pretty awesome especially in the summertime when it’s extremely hot in South Florida. Rapids Water Park is a 12 acre outdoor venue with a range of water slides, a wave pool & lazy river.
  3. South Florida Fairgrounds offers a few seasonal attractions. One of the main attractions is coming up in the month of October. The spooky Halloween event at the South Florida fairgrounds is always fun if you’re new in recovery within the Palm Beach area.
  4. Moon Fest on Clematis Street in West Palm Beach is a sight you must see. Coming from New Jersey or many other places in the Northeast for addiction recovery in Palm Beach; this is a sight to see. More than 5000 people in one place dressed in Halloween costumes are an awesome thing to see.

Life’s a Beach for the South Florida Recovery Scene

The Beaches in South Florida are amazeballs and should be enjoyed thoroughly while attempting to have fun in recovery. Many beaches already are enjoyed by people coming down here for recovery from drug addiction and alcoholism. What are the best beaches to go to in South Florida?

  1. Gulf Stream Park is an awesome beach to catch a tan. Many recovery people bring a towel or a beach chair and lay out read a book or catch some rays.
  2. Oceanfront Park Beach is awesome for BBQ’s and groups looking to enjoy the beach and have a BBQ.
  3. Atlantic Dunes Park Is the standard when it comes to visiting the beach in Delray. Its local to most of the Treatment Centers and Halfway Houses in Delray Beach. Many young people in recovery flock to this beach daily or on the weekends.

if you're looking for fun in recovery within delray beach and you live among the sober community around delray gbeaqch or palm beach countyWhat else is fun to do when you’re new in recovery?

Aside from all of these things there is a ton of fun in recovery in the Palm Beach County area. On Groupon you can find great deals on Paintball, Yoga, Gym Memberships, Dancing and much more. You may ask yourself, “Is this a promotional piece for Groupon?” No. However, many people in the recovery community start off with very little money. Groupon is a great way to save money and still have fun when you are a newly recovering addict.




If you think of anything else to do that is fun and exciting within the recovery community of Palm Beach County, Please add it in the comment section below.


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  1. As you mentioned ,Learning yoga will count because the quiet, reflective parts of yoga make it an incredible advantage and expansion to the recuperation way of life. Figuring out how to remain at the time and in the meantime work on being fit, dynamic, and adaptable is an incredible approach to invest energy while in recuperation. It additionally helps those getting into the recuperation group and calm living situations figure out how to have a ton of fun in gatherings, as yoga should be possible at home alone or in gatherings in a studio.

  2. Upon fun recovering, one of the disadvantage living in South Florida should be exploited. The shoreline can be delighted in lasting through the year. It’s extraordinary for running, unwinding, and notwithstanding to rent a watercraft or other marine gadget to have the capacity to explore around on the water.

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