Drug Abuse Information Parents Should Know

Information on Drug Abuse Parents Should Know

The United States addiction crisis just keeps picking up steam in the media with the heroin overdoses from Carfentanyl and Fentanyl laced heroin. Prescription drugs, over the counter medicines, street drugs and alcohol remain at the forefront of the addiction culture in America. Illicit drugs like cocaine and heroin have been abused almost since the founding of America.  Prescription drug abuse occurs when someone takes the medication other than as prescribed which can lead to an addiction to the prescription drugs. A study done in 2013 stated that more than 2.8 million people in the U.S. had tried or abused illicit drugs for the first time; This is according to SAMHSA The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration the leader in factual drug abuse information.

What most addicts, alcoholics and family members don’t understand, if they’re struggling with substance abuse they are not alone. According to SAMHSA in 2009 drug abuse information, approximately 2 million or more Americans age 12 or older sought treatment for substance abuse.

Effects of Drug Abuse & Substance Abuse

Sometimes substance abuse in teenagers can just be a phase, but for the majority of addiction sufferers it can create a snowball effect of drug addiction and alcoholism. I state this based on statistical drug abuse information you can find anywhere on the internet. For many teenagers struggling with substance abuse parents can tell by their behavior that something is off, but who wants to believe their young son or daughter is doing drugs or drinking alcohol. The important thing is to catch it early and educate them on the dangers of abusing drugs and alcohol. Drug abuse information can be found all over the internet, however much of it is scare tactic to keep you on your toes.

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Some of the effects of Drug Abuse:

The effects of drug abuse can be minimal at first but then worsen as time goes on.  It’s important to catch drug abuse signs early or they can create irreversible consequences.

Here are some of the signs of drug abuse:

  • Loss of Job
  • Weight Loss
  • Lack of attendance at family function or get-togethers
  • Getting arrested
  • Dropping out of school or getting poor grades
  • Anger issues
  • Running away from home or disappearing for days at a time

If you’re suspicious of your son or daughter abusing drugs or alcohol here’s what to look for:

  • Telling lies
  • Coming home late
  • Hanging out in shady areas of town
  • Smells like smoke
  • Smells like alcohol
  • Stealing from you
  • Red eyes
  • Pinned or contracted pupils
  • Glass pipes
  • Bags of a green leafy substance

What are the causes of drug abuse?

This can be debated all over the internet, but here is my two cents. Many who suffer from drug addiction, alcoholism or their substance abuse in general have emotional issues. Firstly they can be having trouble expressing their emotions or are using drugs and alcohol to suppress their emotions. As humans we’re all born with emotions and our emotional barometers respond to excess emotions like crying, laughter and fear. Many of us don’t have the knowledge or the ability to process these emotions, but the moment we get the ease and comfort from drugs or drinking our emotions suppress and our bodies look towards them as a solution. Repetitively doing this can cause addiction.

Causes of drug abuse can vary, but I hold this to be true in many cases that I’ve come across in discussion with several individuals. Drug abuse can be reversible, but a person must admit or see they have a problem. The root cause of abusing drugs must be discovered and a person must be willing to work through the root issue.


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  1. When I was in college it baffled me how many people were struggling with substance abuse be it either alcoholism or drugs. I watched so many from my freshman class drop out due to the complications. Thanks for sharing!

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